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Shaughnessy Roofing, Inc. provides a full range of roofing services designed to fit all your needs.  
We use only the highest quality materials from some of the most trusted m
anufacturers in the
industry.  Please browse our services, s
ystems, and suppliers below and feel free to contact us
with any questions.
Roofing Systems
 Composition Shingles – Offers a nice clean look that is affordable and easy to install.  It is very
low maintenance and comes in a selection of colors and brands.

 Wood Shakes – Offers a natural look to the roof and is energy efficient by helping to
the attic and allow air to circulate more easily.

 Roofing Tile – Offers a more modern look and long life span.  The tile will not rot or burn and
 requires very little maintenance.  Tile comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

 Slate – Offers a very natural look and comes in a variety of patterns.  Tile roofs have a long life
 span and are fire proof.

 Metal – Offers a durable and fire retardant roof that is also energy efficient.  Standing-seam steel
 metal roofs are the most popular with residential homes.

 Asphalt – Mostly used on commercial properties, but can be covered with decorative tiles for
 residential.  It is extremely durable and has a long life span.

 Single Ply – Offers a strong flexible roof that is long lasting and growing in popularity for
 commercial buildings.

 Built Up – Commonly referred to as “tar and gravel”, this roof is thick and durable and requires
 very little maintenance or repairs.

 Modified Bitumen – Offers a strong and durable roof and is available in a variety of colors to
match shingles.

 Metal Roofing – Used on over 50% of commercial properties, this centuries old roof system
offers strength and durability and is fire resistant.